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Outer Space imaginaries in Yogyakarta

With Irene Agrivina, HONF

Date: 25th April, 2024

Online Meeting

Cosmoimaginaries is an experimental practice and knowledge sharing programme focusing on ecological and cosmic imaginaries in relation to planetary activism.

Open systems advocate, technologist, artist and educator, Irene Agrivina is one of the founding members and current directors of HONF - https://honf.org. Irene Agrivina will present HONF’s engagements with cultural imaginaries, space futures and SETI (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence).

This dialogue is hosted by Nina Czegledy, Trudy Lane and Kate Genevieve, with the support of Intercreate Aotearoa.

Intercreate in conversation with House of Natural Fiber (HONF) an arts, science, and technology laboratory based in Yogyakarta. Established in 1998, HONF emerged as a response to the social and political turmoil against the nepotism and corruption prevalent during the Suharto authoritarian dictatorship in Indonesia.

Through initiatives like HONF’s annual UFO festival and the ‘International SETI Conference’ of Yogyakarta, and ISSS – Indonesia Space Science Society - HONF creates alternative, imaginative frameworks for the exploration of space from the perspective of citizens. Projects like ... radically reframe conversations and communication around astro ecology, space science, space exploration and space art. HONF’s long-running art science practice and transdisciplinary engagement with cultural imaginaries of outer space and the search for life beyond earth. HONF’s creative collaborations with artists, scientists, astronomers, astrophysicists and communities aim to “understand the universe we are within, using both tools and ideas of science, and those of art.”


Irene “Ira” Agrivina - Artist, technologist, and educator Irene Agrivina works at the intersection between art, science, and technology. A founding members and current co-director of House of Natural Fiber (HONF) in Yogyakarta, she is engaged in collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and multimedia actions responding to social, cultural, and environmental challenges. She co-founded XXLab in 2013, an all-female collective focusing on arts, science, free technology and open knowledge. Her projects have been presented internationally at IFVA New Media Art Festival, Hong Kong (2017); 5th Anyang Public Art Project, South Korea (2016); Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria (2015) and Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland (2013) and recently as part of Singapore’s Art Science Gallery with HONF’s Galactica V.2 Dharma Garden, a reimagining of the goddess Lakshmi from Indian mythology as an otherworldly giver of nourishment and sustenance. 

Galactica V.2 Dharma Garden at ArtScience Museum


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Lunar Imaginaries meeting at Care + Climate, Rachel Blackman’s somatic Lunar Imagin

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