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Lunar Imaginaries

With Louise Beer, Rachel Blackman, Laura Williams and Lucy Neal

The launch event for Cosmoimaginaries, celebrating the moon and entangled questions of ecologies, technologies and culture in the Second Space age.

A new era of lunar exploration has arrived, and with it a new phase of activism.  Numerous lunar missions are scheduled for the coming years and space agencies and private companies across the planet engage in the return of humans to the moon.

How do we tend a different approach to lunar ecologies? An approach that goes beyond industrial exploitation and extraction? And, how does this change our relations to our own damaged earth?

Meeting these questions entails cultural transformations, new kinds of work and storytelling, fresh lunar governance, future scenarios, communication and energy generation. The establishment of international human settlements on the moon entails a new phase of lunar feeling, sensing and perceiving.

The evening brings together a diverse community of creatives to reflect on the moon's connection to art, imagination, and activism. The speakers engage in a variety of creative practices and research endeavours that relate to the moon and her cycles, engaging with all that is processual, nocturnal, embodied and tidal.

We invite you to join us by the Thames and dream with the moon, as we convene at the projected site for Aluna London - a new building to track lunar time in the city, designed by Laura Williams - bringing together tide and time to explore the art, science and ecologies of the river.

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Tues, 22nd June, 2023
In person at Care + Climate

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